CSU Monterey Bay Awards Botach Ballistic Armor Bid

Botach Inc. DBA Botach Tactical has been awarded a one-year contract by CSU Monterey Bay for the purchase of 938 Hardwire Dyneema Plates & Untitled_1__00089.1416193903.1280.1280Kley-Zion Carriers. Through negotiations, Botach Tactical will be extending their contract for the next two to three years, so other CSU police campuses can “piggy-back” on this special pricing. Botach Inc.’s contract has already attracted the eyes of many other Law Enforcement Departments who are also seeking to take part in this special pricing opportunity.

Dyneema Hard Armor Stand Alone Ballistic Plates sized 10 x 12, weigh 4.25lbs and are only 1.3” thick. The plates have a 25 year warranty with no expiration date. The Kley-Zion Modular AS_MPC_3__97323.1400530666.1280.1280Plate Carrier is designed by Botach and made in the USA.

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